Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

Aug 18
Arguably the most influential people in technology past and present. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have achieved many accolades and have produced things that will be used for years and years to come. There are many similarities and differences between the Geniuses... Similarities  One similarity is the fact that they both put their mind and soul into constructing the biggest organisations in the world, and were successful. They both ensured they were the face of the

Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

Aug 10
Giving your business an online presence implies more than essentially setting up a little site with your organization's address and telephone number. It implies setting up a virtual rendition of your business, with an inviting, useful site, a Facebook page, and Twitter account. In this electronic period, more individuals scan online for the items and administrations they require rather than looking through a telephone directory. Disregarding this vital potential showcasing stage is much the same

Ups and Downs of Hootsuite

Aug 03
In today's blog, I will be reviewing one of the most used and popular social media management platforms. HootSuite was founded by CEO Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli and David Tedman in 2008. Fast forward it to 2017 and it now has over 15 MILLION users! But what makes it so popular? Here are the pros. Pros: Allows scheduling for Instagram, Not many social media management platforms allow scheduling to Instagram, not to say HootSuite are

Great Blogging Apps for Android Users

Jul 25
Bloggers everywhere delighted when they no longer had to be bound to their laptops and their desktops. Now able to blog directly from Android mobile devices, like phones and tablets, bloggers can seize their day-to-day life and update things as they happen. With the number of blogging apps on the Android Marketplace, it’s tough to choose which ones you should go with. To help slim your options, we present our top picks for the best

Four Helpful Tips for a Flawless Facebook Post

Jul 13
Tease the content When creating a Facebook post, keep your audience top of mind. You should always be thinking about how you can save your audience time while providing valuable content. For example, when we share a link to a blog post that contains 10 tips, we give away four. This way, the audience is able to easily determine whether the link is one they want to click. If the tips we share aren’t what

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