B2B Marketers Need to Follow Internet Trends

Jun 26

Many B2B marketers don’t view themselves as cutting edge in the marketing world. They don’t always keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing and social media. And even when they do, there is a sense that they can’t implement the latest approaches to marketing in their organizations. B2B sales are often viewed as heavily dependent on relationships where sales people understand the prospect’s business

Facebook Rolls Out New and Improved Business Page Analytics

Jun 26

look1Say hello to the new (and very improved) Facebook Page Insights! Although it’s only available to a small group of page admins at the time, all page owners are expected to automatically receive them by the end of the summer — so we wanted to make sure you, dear reader, knew exactly what is up. What’s New About Page Insights Modified Metrics:

Ideas to Make Boring B2B Social Media Posts Captivating

Jun 22

Make Boring B2B Social Media Posts CaptivatingMany B2B marketers are still trying to figure out social media for their companies. Years of product marketing driven writing, or content as we now call it, has honed their skills on features-based marketing. No matter how exciting your products and services are, this kind of marketing is boring. And it is not going to work in a social media

Create an Advantage in B2B Social Media with Competitive Intelligence

Jun 22

Advantage in B2B Social MediaAs B2B companies reach new levels of maturity in their social media marketing, the savvy ones recognize the golden opportunity available to them by studying what their key competitors are doing through social competitive intelligence. While most companies are focused on building out their own social channels, listening to their buyers, engaging with their buyers and influencer’s, a few B2B companies have

Social Media and the Law

Jun 20

Social Media and the LawSocial Media and the Law. In today’s ever social world, your best friends, family members and work colleagues are only a click away.  But what is an essentially a good avenue of staying in touch, can also be a dangerous one, too. Imagine having a Facebook photo of you imbibing a bit too much at a cousin’s bachelor party, passed on and

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