Facebook Song Goes Viral

Jun 06
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2JhpNbe2Io&feature=player_embedded Ah, Facebook. We gripe, whine and criticize, yet can rarely bring ourselves to actually pull the plug. We are hooked! The addictive pull of the world's biggest social network is hilariously portrayed in the musical number, above. Uploaded to YouTube on Monday, it's already attracted more than 4850076 views — a testament to its high production value and universal truth. Check out "Facebook the Musical" for yourself, and let us know what you think

Why Social Media Is Far More Important Than You Think

Jun 02
The growth of social media as an influencing factor in our lives is truly breathtaking. Nearly a quarter of the total time spent online is on social networks. There are now over 800 million Facebook users in the world, with more than 200 million joining in 2011 alone. Nearly 40% of those 800 million log in every single day. It is not just Facebook that’s growing either – Twitter is adding half a million users on

Facts about Monkeys

Jun 02
Monkeys are extremely strong, including spider monkeys Another one of our monkey facts is that, some of the top predators of this primate include not only humans but also eagles and hawks. Monkeys are very vocal creatures, especially in the wild but, the loudest monkey of them all is the Howler Monkey, thus the name. The scream is so piercingly loud that it can be heard from as far away as 100 miles! In all,

The True Value Of Social Media Users

Jun 02
When it comes to the internet, a social media consumer is the best type of consumer. There is ample evidence to effectively argue that social media users are far more active and influential than the average internet user. Gigya recently published data gleaned from their onsite social media login platform. Analysis of the data provides some pretty fascinating insights. They found that on websites with social login functionality, logged-in users spend 50% more time on site, and

Are Online Polls Worth Using in Your Social Media Strategy?

Jun 02
It’s easy to forget about the little things in your social media strategy – like opinion polls. Are they even worth using? I mean, what effect could a tiny poll possibly have on the outcome of your social media campaign overall? Actually if you use them properly, they really can help your strategy become successful. The moral here is – sometimes the small stuff does count. Let’s discuss why. 1. Running Your Own Polls It’s

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