Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

Arguably the most influential people in technology past and present. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have achieved many accolades and have produced things that will be used for years and years to come.

There are many similarities and differences between the Geniuses…


One similarity is the fact that they both put their mind and soul into constructing the biggest organisations in the world, and were successful.

They both ensured they were the face of the company, carrying all praise and criticism on their back.

Both shared the similar vision, with Bill Gates going software and Steve Jobs a hardware brand, but eventually, both went on to make both hardware and software products.

But with much similarities, comes differences.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates


Steve Jobs was a well-known public speaker whereas Bill was the complete opposite.

Steve Jobs focused more on design and making things simplistic to the public eye. Although he wasn’t always successful with his vision he eventually would prove that his beliefs mattered when Apple released the iPod.

Bill Gates’ focus wasn’t so much about the design but more on the functionality of the product and the licencing so all hardware systems could carry this software whilst Microsoft still generated revenue which I guess is one of the main reasons why Bill Gates is (at this moment in time) the richest man in the world.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates


To conclude this discussion, the two both win as Microsoft is the company that (At the moment) has generated the most money which was what Bill focused on but Apples hardware is the most used the most out of any other which is what Steve Jobs wanted.