Four Helpful Tips for a Flawless Facebook Post

  1. Tease the content

When creating a Facebook post, keep your audience top of mind. You should always be thinking about how you can save your audience time while providing valuable content. For example, when we share a link to a blog post that contains 10 tips, we give away four.

This way, the audience is able to easily determine whether the link is one they want to click. If the tips we share aren’t what they’re looking for at that time, they can scroll past. On the other hand, if the teaser content looks like something they’d be interested in knowing more about, they can click through and continue reading.

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  1. Compelling visuals

  • Add a variety of media formats to Facebook posts. Rather than just sticking with images, try mixing things up with video content, blog links, GIFs, or other rich media assets relevant to your organisation.
  • Create new social assets to use instead of preview images.Facebook automatically pulls a preview image from the content when you’re sharing a link. Instead of accepting whatever shows up, we suggest creating a separate social asset to offer additional information to your audience.
  • Be strategic with video content. We recommend finding a length that works for your brand, but shorter videos often work best
  1. Use Algorithm to Increase Reach

In 2016, Facebook Pages experienced a 52 percent decline in organic reach. If you understand the way the Facebook algorithm works, it can help alleviate some of the impact this has surely had on your content.

Facebook’s VP of Product Management, the algorithm looks at each post individually and predicts whether a user will be interested in—and how likely they are to share—the content. Each post is given a relevancy score based on:

  • Who posted the story (ie. if someone likes and comments on another user’s posts, Facebook will infer you are interested in the content)
  • How many interactions the post has(if a post has many likes and comments, Facebook determines it is more popular and of more interest)
  • When the post was originally created(more recent posts are given priority unless another variable shows to be more significant.)

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  1. The Timing is Right

The perfect Facebook post for your brand is about more than just the content. Even if you have the best content, if you’re posting at a time when your audience is asleep or inactive you aren’t going to see great results.

So know when and how often to post.

To find the optimal time to post, we recommend testing a variety of times to see where you get the most activity. It’s also important to know your audience and whether they’re in different time zones.