How to promote your business with snap chat

Ever wondered how to promote your business with snap chat?

Snap chat becomes a social media platform for teens and younger kids, but it has progressed into becoming a platform used by businesses and influencers as another method to reach their target market.

Snap chat has gained over five million users. Most of the snap chat users are attached by its  ‘snap’ features, i.e., private and/or public viewing which then will last for 24 hours.

How to make Snapchat work for your business

Snap chat offers different paid marketing options to meet the specific goals of your business. You can create a Smart Snap Banner, create a fun with Sponsored Geofilter or give your potential customers the opportunity to interact with a Sponsored Lens.


How to promote your business with snap chat


How to use snap chat to get more website traffic

If you’re posting regular posts on snap chat then you can’t go wrong with reaching your target audience.

For example, consider promoting your latest blog about your company with a short video. Show your viewers the final results. The final result will be what the viewers think of the video if it’s good or bad. By doing this you’ll attract more and more potential and existing clients/customers

How to build brand awareness with Snap Ads

Snap chat ads are a good way to catch the attention of your audience. A snap ad is a 10-second full-screen video that appears between stories. By doing this may help your business to increase and to get you more new customers/clients.


How to promote your business with snap chat

Communicate + engage

On snapchat your stories should never be one sided. Make videos that relate to your business/ company to keep the audience engaged. Ask your audience for feedback via email or even a message on snap chat to help your business to improve.  You’ll be meeting your target audiences’ needs by communicating with them by asking for feedback.

For example. If you were to go to a business event then keep the audience updated by posting fun snaps of the event on your story. Monitor how many viewers you have or you’re getting. This will help you to reach your potential customers and existing.

How to promote your business with snap chat


Feeling ready to start promoting your business on snap chat. Let’s get going then 😉

How to promote your business with snap chat