Want help taking the best insta pics?

I’ll admit it: I love to play around on Instagram. Lately, it seems everyone has a take on how to grow followers and there are some misunderstandings when it comes to creating an Instagram following:

  1. It’s not always just followers
  2. It’s not always just likes

Sure, those things are amazing and it’s what everyone wants. But I’d rather have a few followers who are engaged and who can relate to what I write on my blog, then follow me because sometimes my pictures are appealing to see.

Want help taking the best insta pics?

The idea of sharing online photos has become so important. Since we are a highly visual society, we want an image to link us to words or to draw a picture for us in more ways than one. In the past year. Some bloggers had around 100 likes per post and not connecting their self at what kind of content they were putting out. Sure, they were editing their photos, but they weren’t doing it the right way. They have way more views on their blog, because of Instagram.

When I figured out a few tricks, it really helped to make a big difference:


Lighting makes a big difference, especially natural light helps produce clear photos. There are lighting elements that are available to buy, but like the photo above, this was just natural light.   

Editing Apps

Other may disagree but I personally feel that some editing apps are much better for your phone than Photoshop or any other program on your computer. Here are some of the app I like:

Afterlight- This helps for tuning the image and adding some good quality brightness to the image

A beautiful mess- This lets you adds text to photos or creating word only photos

Instagram- Instagram lets you use different filters to enhance your photos


I personally think it’s important to a photo with at a few different angles to find out the perfect shot.

When you want to create the following text around your Instagram, which leads to people who buy your product or read your blog, you need one thing: photo engagement. I think part of it means you get beautiful pictures, but that may be different for everyone