Is LinkedIn for Teenagers?

In school’s students are always taught the importance of building a professional profile. It is a fact that in reality, 91% of employers use social media to screen prospective candidates, generally common at the beginning of any recruitment process.

What do Teens even use social media for?

Teenagers are often using social media platforms mainly for the reason to communicate with their friends and impress them with “socially acceptable’ images of themselves and shocking profanity that their parents probably haven’t even used in their lifetime.

Is LinkedIn for Teenagers

First impressions count?

First impressions count. They only happen ONCE and are so vital. Most things you do on the Internet have been deleted but somehow, it will always find a way to come back and haunt you. This is why you have to be so careful even from a young age that based on your social media; you don’t blow any future chances of landing your dream job. Never underestimate the size of the network.

You cannot really compare LinkedIn to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter etc. because it is mainly for work-related connections. Then again that was how Facebook had started, and what people use Twitter for, so?

How do Business’ use social media like LinkedIn?

The way businesses utilise online networking implies all representatives must be their own potential image envoy. With LinkedIn being interested in those in their initial adolescents…does this mean young people ought to be aware of building an individual brand? Provided that this is true, would we say we are compelling youngsters into agonising over their future professions much sooner than the eras before them at any point needed to?

Regardless of the case that many may see it as it is always good to start from a young age, it makes things a lot easier. That is all we are trying to tell the younger generation.

So… Is LinkedIn for teenagers? Well, yes. LinkedIn can be for anyone with big career goals, and dreams. It’s for someone who just wants to get out there in the world.