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Ansar Burney
Ansar Burney

“The name you can trust.”

Established in London in 2009 by Mr. Ansar Burney, a world renowned human rights lawyer, Burney Legal are a firm of solicitors specialising in many areas of UK, European and International law.

Burney Legal’s mission is to become the most reputable and trustworthy legal practice in the UK; and as such they prioritise quality of work and client satisfaction over any other considerations. It is therefore a matter of great pride for Burney Legal that their biggest source of new instructions is current and former clients who give them glowing recommendations.

Reputation after all is everything. Burney Legals’ has been earned over years. Through assisting thousands of clients to solve their legal worries and establishing themselves as a firm to be trusted.

Reputable & trustworthy foundations

Their clients trust them with matters of great importance; matters which greatly affect their business and their lives. Their clients do this because they know Burney Legal will not let them down – thanks to their hard earned reputation, glowing reviews from previous and current clients and because they know of Burney Legal’s founding partner – Ansar Burney.

Mr. Burney, who previously served as an Expert Advisor to the United National Human Rights Council Advisory Committee for a period of three years, continues to remain actively involved with the firm ensuring they follow the principles that have led him to his accomplishments and success.

Everyone is equal

Thanks to the foundations laid by Mr. Burney, they are a firm of solicitors that embrace diversity in all its forms; and consider all of their clients to be equal regardless of race, religion, disability or wealth.

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or an individual who requests for fees to be paid in instalments, you will receive only the best professional services and no less than even Burney Legal’s biggest clients.

Visit Burney Legal now at: www.burneylegal.co.uk

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