Are Posting Videos Better Than Pictures On Social Media?


Some people would say that posting videos are better than photos on social media because it is easier to attract more attention to colorful moving visuals.
However it mostly depends on the colors and contrast of the photo/videos that will get peoples attention!


A lot of people now post selfies and pictures of them whilst doing things to let people have an insight into their lives. But what if you posted more videos on your journeys and of what you were doing in that specific moment?
This is what people like… Celebrities are known to post many of their snapchat videos on instagram so people are up to date on what mischief they get up to.

How to post videos?

If you were to post a video on instagram make sure it is vibrant and colorful. This will attract much attention when it is shown on the explore page and when people search for you! Humour is a big thing to include as well… everyone loves a laugh or something to watch to cheer them up during the day.
You can also get more across in videos than taking a picture and writing a paragraph in the caption below. It helps to get views and opinions across if ever debating on a particular debate.


Here is a fact:
“Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.”

This means make sure it stands out with the color of the rainbow!

Simranjeet Kaur