Art and social media are the topics of conversations these days. There has been, for some time now, a radical obsession with social media and the reliance on it for practically everything. 


Art teachers used to ask us students what are the things that we use everyday and cannot live without. With no hesitation the whole class would turn around and say ‘‘the Internet” and start blurting out loads of social media apps; “Instagram”, “twitter”, “Snapchat”, you name it!

The motive behind their questioning was the point that there is unlimited art inspiration out there; selfies, pictures of landscapes, world affairs, anything can literally be art.


However, not everyone agrees that social media is inspiration for art. The England’s most known graffiti artist Banksy, a political activist, despises the use of social media. It’s made clear through his street art that are based all around the UK. His views are so known, that if you type in ‘social media art’ into Google, his artwork will flood the search engine!social-media-art-02

 The whole motive behind this art piece is that it closes the window of self-thinking and independence or as some would call it ‘closing the third eye’. A lot of people mean to say one thing but say another, simply because they care about what others think… and when it comes to Art this is not good!!


Taken from the article ‘Social Media ‘Evangelists’ Discuss the Rise of Art Online’ by Anna Staropoli;

“More people are on Facebook than the population of China,” said JiaJia Fei, Director of Digital at the Jewish Museum, moments before last week’s POWarts (Professional Organization for Women in the Arts) panel began. “[Social Media] Social-Street-Art-Parody-Twitteris kind of the best way in which people, a museum or a cultural institution can connect with the rest of the world.”

 Everyone sees what you post online so be careful! Although when it comes to art, what more can you ask for other than everyone seeing art that is done by you!


Everything is digital! So maybe the collision of social media and art isn’t such a bad idea after all? Practically everything is done digitally, modern artists are now learning how to use Photoshop and other artistic software’s in order to create their work and present it. Even when it comes to networking, artists rely heavily on social media’s like Instagram etc to promote themselves and keep in touch with other artists who inspire them, or even to get through to other types of artists to create art for. Things like logos, album covers and tattoo designs can be created by sitting on the laptop in a coffee shop… Literally!

If you were a singer and wanted to get in touch with an upcoming artist to create your new album cover design where would you go? Instagram? Yup, me too. It is easier, practical and less hassle than catching a plane across the country in order to approach them. 

digital art


Written by: Simranjeet Kaur

(Junior Social Media Consultant)

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