Jack Ma – Business Visionary

Jack Ma – Business Visionary

Jack Ma is one of the worlds most watched business leaders. His Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba broke records with its September IPO. His customers are first on his list for who is most important for business success to the extent that he has a deep appreciation for the role of customers in steering his business.


Ma revealed his predictions for customer-to-business corporate strategies saying that he believes customers will completely dictate to business what their needs are. Trends suggest that Ma’s predictions are correct, businesses that thrive today are those that accommodate to the needs of the empowered customer.


This is why social media marketing works so well. It enables you to talk directly to the customer. It enables businesses to understand the needs of the customer and see where they are going wrong and right and then to rectify things with the customer directly. For example customers can write complaints on Facebook business pages and the business is able to instantly respond straight to them and change what they are doing wrong. Equally people can post positive photos tagging the place and the business can see what they are doing right so that they can carry on doing it.




Doing fun games and competitions is also a good way to get customers involved and also see what they’d like to see produced.