Fake Profiles

Fake Profiles

Have you ever received a notification from someone that added you as a friend on Facebook, but you did not actually know that person? Could it be a Fake Profile? Sometimes we have no idea who the person behind the screen is. The one messaging us or commenting on our pictures. We think that having thousands of friends on Facebook is the same as having them in real life and we don’t understand how much that affects the way we act around people.

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Adding someone on Facebook is incredibly easier than having to go and talk to them in person, face to face. This makes socialising a completely different experience than it was in the past, but at the same time it makes people become easy targets from someone who might want to harass them or stalk them. It is dangerous to accept someone’s friend request when we actually don’t know anything about them, sometimes not even their name.

Apparently, Facebook estimated in 2012 that it had tens of millions of illegitimate accounts. These people can go through our pictures and posts, stalk us and basically know too much about our lives, when we haven’t got the possibility to know who they are or what they do for living. It is not fair to have someone see our pictures with close friends and family, or someone who can read about our thoughts and news. They could steal your photos and identity in order to pretend that they are you. They could ruin your relationships and that’s why you should always be careful who you add as a friend.


Sometimes ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends might add us as friends to check on us and see what we’re up to, sometimes old friends might want to know how we are doing without them. It isn’t necessarily a bad situation, but it still is an invasion of our privacy. We should therefore always try and find out who the real person behind the fake profile is, so that we don’t have unpleasant surprises in the future.


by Giulia Valenti (Intern)