Travel and the Internet

Between travel agents and amazing websites, a journey is extremely easy to organize. People love to travel, the cities and locations are more connected today than ever before.

Backpackers can effortlessly post some breath-taking pictures of their trips on Instagram, Facebook or on their travel blog. They can Skype their families and friends to stay in touch, while actually being kilometres away from home, enjoying the sunset on the other side of the globe. It is completely different than in the past, when people that wanted to leave for a month where basically nowhere to be seen or heard. Today, we know everything, every day.

Websites like Expedia, apps like Skyscanner: anything is useful, especially if you like the idea of doing everything on your own, without having to pay for someone to organize every single thing that you will have to do, becoming just another hopeless tourist.


Thanks to travel bloggers, we now know pretty much anything about places we have never even dreamt of visiting before. From the seasonal weather to the way local people relate to tourists, we can now be informed about every aspect of a trip. And if you don’t find any information about something that you need to know, all you have to do is google an answer or ask your question on Yahoo answers and hope for the best. Sometimes groups are created on Facebook and you can just post a question and wait for someone to reply and that’s even better!

Whether you are an adventurer or someone who likes comfort, all you have to do to enjoy a trip is go. Wander around, take pictures, be carefree and happy, because traveling might just be one of the best things that the world is giving us today and we cannot let this opportunity slip through our hands.


It is important to escape from our routines from time to time, to leave without having to think about problems and things to do back at home. We can appreciate a trip to the seaside, a relaxing holiday in Tuscany, an adventurous trekking trip to the Galapagos or even a nice road trip around several states of the USA!

Social media and blogs are today’s best way to find information and to organize a trip. Don’t wait for occasions to pass and time to fly, make the choice of visiting places and enrich your soul and mind. You will never regret a trip, because it will never be less than a great experience that will change you and will make you widen your horizons. No matter how amazing or bad it might be, it will still be something you will gladly tell your grandchildren in the future!

by Giulia Valenti (Intern)