How Technology Changed the Society

Have you ever noticed how important it became for all of us to share on social media everything that happens in our lives? It might be to get attention or just to feel appreciated, but we feel this need to put pictures on Instagram and post something funny on Facebook just to receive a few likes and followers. Children are born being surrounded by digital devices and technology. Teenagers spend hours and hours posting and liking each other’s posts on several social media platforms, but how did we get to this point? How has technology changed the society?


First of all, we all agree on the fact that the life 50 years ago was a lot harder. People had to send letters that could take up to an entire month to arrive. Forty years ago, whenever men went to war, their beloved ones wouldn’t know anything about their health until they came back home. Twenty years ago, people could finally use a phone, but they had to stay next to it, because it wasn’t cordless.

Fifteen years ago, Wi-Fi did not exist and teenagers had to ask permission to go on the internet, because they had to use their parents’ computer. Doing research usually felt never-ending, because kids had to go to the library to get books and study on them, instead of just googling “Wikipedia” and copying all of that’s written in there.
Children were never surrounded by the technology that is around them today. Four year olds already have their parents’ iPad to play with whenever they get bored. Teenagers receive their first smart phone at the age of ten. It is amazing how technology progresses, but it might be a problem for new generations, that won’t be able to appreciate it as we do.

Today it seems more important to take a picture of our sushi than to take one with our elder relatives. We post it online not to share it, but to get likes and approval. Aren’t we all guilty of posting pictures of our nights out with friends just to let people know that we socialise and have several besties around us? Have you ever noticed how many people are playing Candy Crush Saga next to you on the train, instead of reading a book or talking?
It isn’t something to be ashamed of, but we should definitely think about the way it will affect our future lives. Today’s children will see those pictures and learn from us. We should be thinking about their future, too.

We have to be extremely careful, because every post matters when it is written without thought.

by Giulia Valenti