How to Draw Attention to your Profile

How to Draw Attention to your Profile? Here’s a list of some strategies that you could use to improve your follower count and the content you can offer to anybody who is willing to take a look at your profile.

1. #Hashtags 2. Article B

Using hashtags is pretty easy and anybody can use them to let more people know about what they usually post. You should avoid using hashtags #with #every #single #word #of #a #sentence, because that would be useless. Highlighting some important words and maybe using some famous trends might just be what you need.
Something like #love #beautiful #f4f (a.k.a. Follow for Follow) is simple and draws the attention. The more you go in depth with your hashtags, the better!
#Travel, if you went somewhere nice! #Workout, if you decided to hit the gym and take a selfie. #Foodie if you just took a picture of that delicious Lasagna that you are going to eat at the Italian Restaurant.
Gain more followers and subscribers with them, but make sure that you are using them the proper way.

2. Stick to a topic 2. Article C

People like to follow someone who as the same interests as theirs, that’s why it is smarter to stick to just a few topics if you want to have a steady follower count (or one that only goes up!). You love books? Create a #readstagram and upload tons of pictures of your shelves full of your last readings.
Can’t stop talking about those TV shows that you really enjoy watching? Tweet about them and use hashtags (#BreakingBad #GameOfThrones #DoctorWho #The100) and let every other fan find your profile and share opinions with you!
If you like graphics and gifs, post your creations on Tumblr. People might be up to following you just for that simple reason.

3. Find a theme 2. Article D

Pleasing the eye of your followers is something that we should think about. Have you ever seen Lauren Conrad’s Instagram? Pastel colours and pictures full of flowers and puppies, #aesthetics is a thing, fyi.
Your followers start following you for a reason. If you enjoy writing or taking pictures, just be yourself on your profile and wait for everyone to discover how nice it is to see what you post: if they like it, they are going to click on that “follow” button.

4. Trends 2. Article E

Creating a trend is difficult, but not impossible! People will start talking about that thing that you do and that many others never thought of doing.
A simple example? FeministFridays, SundayFunday, ThrowbackThursday and many others. People are interested in seeing what you have to say, don’t be shy!
by Giulia Valenti (Intern)