The harsh marketing truth about online reviews

What are The harsh marketing truth about online reviews

1. Accuracy versus opinion

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then what you consider “first class” or “the best meal EVER” may vastly differ from my own. Yet when reading reviews we tend to believe (for the most part) the person leaving the online review even though their favorite color is puke green and they despise bacon (gasp!).

Skepticism should be your friend when pouring over reviews. I tend to put my Inspector Gadget hat on and see if they have pictures, grammar or spelling mistakes and am deeply critical of rants.

Helpful hint: When assessing less-than-stellar reviews, look for specifics.


2. There are fakes abound 

Whether the best friend of the shop owner left a glowing review to help out, or a competitor came in and trashed a business based on bad blood, you can never truly be sure if what you’re reading is real.

My spidey senses go on alert if every single online review is the MOST. AMAZING. THING. EVER. TIMES. INFINITY.


3. Motive comes into play

With reputation management at the forefront of businesses looking to spit shine their online ranking, how do we know that a person was compelled to leave an outstanding review? Maybe there was a contest. Maybe their receipt said something like, “leave a review and get 10% off your next meal.” Maybe they felt pressured to help a new business out.

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