5 Ways Images on Twitter can Put Your Tweets in the Spotlight

What are the 5 Ways Images on Twitter can Put Your Tweets in the Spotlight

#1  Set up Your Blog for Easy Image Sharing by Others on Twitter

Let’s start with the easiest first.  If you have a blog and you have images on your blog, you are missing a whole bunch of free marketing if you don’t set up Twitter Cards. Twitter cards are great in that they pull in additional information from a post, including images, and add it to the tweet.

#2  Use a Twitter-Size Template

If you want the tweet to show up natively in the Twitter Feed, I have a tip for you. Size it to fit the preview image exactly.


#3  Pre-prepare your Tweets for Live Chats

When it comes to having your tweets stand out, the bar has been raised people.  Raised!  …in a super fun way. Basically it involves a group of like-minded people getting together to chat under a particular #hashtag on a common topic of interest at a regular weekly time. There is often a guest user and a moderator who adds questions and helps the guest respond and replies to some of the questions or topics. The nature of Twitter means that these chats become very busy under the hashtag feed, with a lot of conversations going on.

If you are holding a tweet chat or event, and you are a speaker or guest, consider pre-preparing some tweets that will start the conversation. Even text based tweets will impress your guests but if they include images, you will blow the participants away.  And you may just save your hands typing so much as, you know what they say – a picture tells a thousand.


#4   Make your Twitter Feed Image-Centric

Savvy brands are recognising the power of Images on Twitter. When I want to know what works, I often visit a few key B2B brands that I know do “social” well.

Let’s face it, if a B2B brand can make social work with what could be considered boring content, then there’s hope for the rest of us to do it right, isn’t there? So I turn to brands like General Electric to see what they are doing. And guess what?  Their Twitter Feed is very image-centric

Constant Contact post a lot of video as well as images, photo headers for blog posts and behind the scenes photos of their team. Again, watch closely what these guys do on social. They “get it” too!


#5   Send a Personalised Tweet with an Image

There’s one thing that stands out to me – it’s a personalised tweet. I don’t have an issue with automation for the sake of sending out great content from your own blog or especially others you want to promote .. but when it comes to engagement or sending a personalised tweet, you just can’t automate it.

One type of tweet I have noticed some “savvy” creative approaches to lately, is the thank you tweet. This might be for a retweet or to follow up on a meeting or just a thank you for a follow – when people that go the extra mile to say thanks with an image… it really stands out on my newsfeed.

Content Creator- Social Media Consultant (Isabel)