Top Crucial Skills That Every Social Media Marketer Must Have

Many people nowadays go into social media marketing because they think it’s easy. They think ‘It is what I do every day, it’s a piece of cake!’ without realising that there are thousands of people with the same idea who just increase competition in the marketing industry, making their own lives harder. However, social media marketing is not just finding and posting funny pictures and videos or coming up with a witty post. There is much more work involved that people have no idea about. Let’s take a look at the top crucial skills every good social media marketer must have.


  1. Analytics

When I just started working for the social media company, I found analytics the most boring, monotonous and uninspiring task in the whole world. As a creative and initiative person, it was a great torture for me to spend hours analysing analytics charts.

However, analytics are of a great importance for social media marketers, because it helps them to monitor their audience, the results of their campaigns, etc.



  1. Communication skills

Knowing how to interact with the audience, with customers and potential clients is crucial for every social media marketer. It is highly importance to know your way with words, to know how to attract interest without being pushy, annoying or even intrusive.




  1. Organising, Planning and Project Management

In order to launch a social media campaign a marketer must be able to define campaign’s objectives, set goals, plan, keep watch over, and execute a lot of tasks that will all lead to a successful launch, while still managing to look after all the other tasks he’s involved in. And that is not an easy thing to do!




  1. Photoshop/ Video Maker

It is no secret that all social media marketing is inevitably connected to graphics and videos. So it is only a matter of time until you master Adobe Photoshop and all the other graphic design and video making programs that are out there. There is no question or doubt though – you will HAVE to learn them!




  1. Keep it professional

There are all types of people on the internet, and you will inevitably end up being offended by either comments or reviews, while dealing with complaints and gathering analytics. The only way is to abstract and not to take insults and comments personal.


by Danara Kostikova (intern)