How to enhance your social media presence by using short videos

Sharing short videos is a new hot social media marketing trend that is being so quickly incorporated into regular marketing routines in organisations all over the globe.


The advantage that videos have over simple pictures is that they are more eye-catching and entertaining without being monotonous and plain boring. In Instagram, for example, a video cannot be longer than 15 seconds, which is perfectly enough to spark an interest without being too intrusive.

We picked a few ways to use short videos for your businesses to raise company awareness.

Show how your products work

The trick with this method is to not make it obvious that you want to sell the product, but instead present it in a way that will change your customers’ lives for better. It should be informative, but short. You do not want to reveal all the cards, just show enough to attract interest.


Show your professionalism

If it takes a lot of skills to do your work, why not share it with customers? Show them how qualified your employees are by sharing short videos in which they share their expertise and experience.

Show customers your workplace

Nowadays people are not just interested in your products, they are also interested in you as a company. That is why organisations care so much about Corporate Social Responsibility and the Greenhouse effect. Show your clients a little sneak pick of your everyday office life, a corporate event, a short video about product development, even a video from a factory; this will show people how transparent your company is.


by Danara Kostikova (intern)