How to become a LinkedIn superstar

  1. Create a Captivating Bio

Did you know that adding a photo to your profile makes it 7 times more likely to be found in searches? Or that filling out your most recent positions – the last two to be exact – makes your profile 12 times more likely to be found?

Simple updates like these make a BIG difference.

And they’re critical updates to make before you begin to make connections.

Take the time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete.  There’s nothing worse than trying to connect with business professionals when you have an incomplete bio.

If your profile is incomplete, take a quick moment to log into your account and walk through each step until you’re 100% complete. Do not proceed until this is done.

A few profile optimization suggestions:

  • Add a profile photo
  • List all the jobs or positions you’ve held, along with descriptions of your roles
  • Have 5 or more skills on your profile
  • Write a summary about yourself
  • Fill out your industry and postal code
  • Add where you went to school


  1. Get into LinkedIn Groups

Join groups on LinkedIn and start a conversation or comment on topics relevant to your niche.

You will find groups by by clicking on “Interests > Groups” from your profile or searching keywords to identify groups with similar interests.

One of the groups that I manage is “Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals.” With over 34,000 members, this group is a daily opportunity to meet and greet other like-minded professionals.

Get Started with Groups

You have two options – join a group or create a group.

  • Join a group
    • Click on Groups and then “Groups Directory” to research featured groups that offer content you find interesting.
  • Create a group
    • Before you begin, do your homework. Think about who you’re trying to attract. Are there other groups already out there and what they are doing right or wrong in your opinion?
    • How can you improve upon it and add value to the community?
      • If you’re ready to start a group, take these steps:
      • Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups
      • Click the Create a group button on the right.
      • Fill in the requested information. A red asterisk means it’s required.
      • Click the Create.. button to create your group as an open group or a members-only group.


  1. Make Your Connections Count

LinkedIn is an excellent way to connect with like-minded business professionals.  There are, however, right ways and wrong ways to connect.

The right way? Strategically reaching out to people within your industry, niche or community. Creating relationships that are mutually beneficial. The wrong way? Randomly sending out requests to simply “add to your numbers.”

And while we’re talking about LinkedIn requests, a big DON’T is sending one without customizing the standard LinkedIn email verbiage.

Whenever you send a friend request, LinkedIn will by default send your request along with this message: “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Sounds great, right?  Wrong!

That cookie-cutter message doesn’t say anything about who you are or why you want to connect.  Spend a few moments scripting out a short, personalized message.


  1. Be a Connector

There’s no better way to make meaningful connections than to create them. Know two people that have a lot in common? Introduce them!

Social networking is at its core about connection. So, why not be that connector? Share why you feel two people should connect and what it is that makes them a business match.

It’s easy and fun!


Here’s how to do it:

  • Write a personal message
  • Include details about each person’s background, strengths and skills
  • Add in benefits (why they should connect)
  • Finish with a Call to Action (CTA) that asks them to take action


Steps to Introduce Two LinkedIn Connections

  1. Search for one of the connection’s profiles using the search box at the top of your homepage.
  2. From results, click their name to view their profile.
  3. Click the Down arrow in the top section of the profile and select Share Profile.
  4. Enter each recipient’s name in the top box of the compose message page.
  5. Modify the message to explain how they could benefit from knowing each other.
  6. Click Send Message.


  1. Stay in Touch

Use LinkedIn’s handy “Keep in Touch” feature to keep you in front of your connections on a daily basis.

Click on Connections > Keep in Touch to get started.

From there you’ll see a list of people celebrating a special event – new job, birthday – and an easy way to say congrats or make a comment.