Who Unfollowed Me?.. Who Cares! The More Important Question is WHY!

Who unfollowed me?

It’s a question people think about a lot these days.

I know I do. No matter how long I work in social media, I still can’t get used to it.

UNFOLLOWS HURT!.. whether on a personal or business account. It’s like someone breaking up with you but never giving you a reason.

Well, what if I told you I know the main reasons people unfollow you?

That would be pretty valuable info, right?

Knowing it could give you the edge over competitors and keep other followers from dumping you in the future.

Well it’s your lucky day! Below are the most common reasons accounts get unfollowed on social media — in text and in a sweet infographic.

Who Unfollowed Me?.. Who Cares! The More Important Question is WHY!

Wouldn’t it be cool if when people unliked your page or unfollowed you on Twitter, a survey popped up to ask why?

And then you could see those results?!

Well that sort of stuff doesn’t exist — at least not yet.

So Buzzstream and Fractl got together to survey close to 900 people to understand why they unfollow brands on social media.

Let’s consider the data together. Are you ready?

Who unfollowed me on Facebook: THE STATS

  • 25% said they unfollowed at least one brand in the last month
  • 20% said they unfollow if posts are too repetitive or boring
  • 19% said they unfollow if brands post more than 6 times per day
  • 7% unfollow after finding a competitor’s page
  • 20% went as far as to hide posts from the pages they unfollowed

Who unfollowed me on Twitter: THE STATS

  • 17% unfollowed a brand in the last month
  • 21% unfollow if posts are repetitive or boring
  • 8% unfollow due to lack of engagement
  • 10%+ will tell their friends to unfollow a brand!

Who unfollowed me on LinkedIn: THE STATS

The ONLY stat mentioned for Linkedin was 49% of users never unfollow brands on Linkedin (which IMHO means no one is paying attention to Linkedin — like they are the other social sites.)

Do you agree?

If NOT, don’t be afraid to let me know via the comments. I can take it!

Who unsubscribed from my email list: THE STATS

  • 24% unsubscribed from emails due to repetitive and boring content
  • 28% said their inbox was too crowded and they wanted less clutter
  • 33% unsubscribed because they were getting too many emails

Who unfollowed me: Social media STATS in general

These questions were related to social media, in general, and could be applied to all social platforms.

  • Posting repetitive or boring content will cause 21% of your brand’s followers to wave goodbye
  • Posting new content is the social media activity your followers value most
  • Posting images is the preferred content method (22%), followed by videos (15%)
  • Posting white papers and ebooks will make your followers yawn (although 3% love it)
  • Posting company news is a quick way to get 8% of your audience to unfollow you

Summing Up the Unfollow Algorithm

One thing not mentioned in the infographic below is the importance of identifying your audience.

Maybe your audience IS the 3% who adore white papers! If so, then you should know this fact — and you should act on it to create content they love.

Your next concern should be to avoid posts that cause them to unfollow your brand.

It’s definitely a balancing act — but do it right and you’ll crush your competition!