5 ways to grow your photography business over social media

What are the 5 ways to grow your photography business over social media

1. Do the business on Facebook

Photography has become a tough business, and even formerly profitable niches such as weddings and portraits are suffering from falling rates and a glut of competitors/wannabes with cameras and gear just as good as yours.

By setting up a Facebook business page or Twitter feed you can start to advertise your unique selling points more effectively and start to engage more with current and potential customers.

It’s better to set up a Facebook business page in the settings as it’s easier to get a bespoke address, such as facebook.com/joesmithweddings.

Keep your personal and business Facebook sites separate, too — unless you want customers to see you getting wrecked on holiday, that is…


2. Become a king of content

That said, just populating your social media with humdrum messages like ‘got a new tripod today’ or ‘saw the accountant’ is unlikely to win you much new business via Facebook.

Don’t go in for tacky and heavy-handed sales messages either.

At the very least, start to distribute low-res versions of some of your best recent pictures online, with links back the full watermarked versions on your website.

Try to write content too — ‘top tips’ type articles on your particular specialism, or other distillations of your wisdom and experience.

If you’re not a particularly confident writer, get a friend to read through before publishing.

Writing content makes you look an expert in your field, inspiring confidence in customers.


3. Embrace infographics

Everyone loves free stuff right? It’s no different with social media.

Why not knock up some simple ‘workflow’ diagrams of how arrange your studio lights for instance, or approach a wedding — you can then turn these infographics, put them on Facebook and invite people to download, ‘like’ or share them.

It’s another way getting an edge over your competition and encouraging customers to become repeat customers – or of course, to recommend you on other people on social media!


4. Crow about competitions

You have to make sure you don’t end up losing money here, but doing a simple competition can be another way to draw people to your social media sites.

If you’ve self published a book on landscape photography, why not give away ten copies in a giveaway?

It’s a great way to get more likes and get ‘shared.’


5. It’s not just about Facebook and Twitter

Don’t forget some of the other great free social media tools.

Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ and share some of your best recent images, and it’s now the fastest growing social media service in the world.

You can also pin images of behind the scenes stuff, such as how you set up for a landscape shoot, or plan a wedding.

Last but not least, LinkedIn is a fantastic business networking tool.

You can rapidly build up a large list of contacts and it’s very easy to publicise yourself and your current customer base/awards etc.

There is a massive photographic community on LinkedIn and many jobs are ONLY advertised here, particularly by smaller companies.

Remember the etiquette though — don’t pester some representative of a big organisation or company to link with you on LinkedIn if you’ve never properly met them before.

You’re not a spammer, right?


Content Creator- Isabel (Social Media Consultant)