5 reasons why Personal Trainers should use Social Media

What are the 5 reasons why Personal Trainers should use Social Media

  1. Communication with Clients

Your social media presence can help you better communicate with your clients.

For example, you can use your Facebook Page to show your current schedule and update your clients on any upcoming changes. Twitter can help you quickly respond to short and specific questions from both clients and potential customers. You can also use your networks to release information about special deals to help you land new clients.

2. Spread Your Knowledge

Sharing your expertise on fitness and overall health is a good way to build trust with your customers and impress potential new clients.

If you create a blog or website, you can post entries about a range of topics, from healthy eating habits to exercises that your clients can do at home. After publishing each new blog post, use your Facebook Page and Twitter account to share your article with your clients. You can also use social media to share links to helpful health-related articles in journals and magazines

3. Sharing Results

Pictures and data are the best way to show off your results as you work with a client.

Tell a client’s story to foster a personal connection with your readers and other clients. For instance, if one of your clients was concerned about his or her weight in high school, you can use your social media campaigns to document their progress as you help them get in shape for an upcoming high school reunion. However, before you share any client’s story, make sure that you get his or her permission first (on social media or otherwise).

4. Show Your Personality

Social media offers you a chance to introduce your clients to the real human behind the professional personal trainer.

Instead of focusing solely on advertising your work, share occasional fun posts that people will enjoy and share with their own followers. If you really enjoy cooking, you could share your favorite healthy recipes or tell the story of a humorous cooking disaster. Or occasionally share your favorite motivational fitness quotes.


5. Be Consistent and Restrained

Once you’ve created a strategy for how you’d like to keep your social accounts up-to-date, be sure to keep a consistent posting schedule.

On Facebook, aim to share new content at least a few times per week. On the other hand, tweeting a handful of times each day will help you grow your account. And you can always use specific fitness hashtags to further amplify your content.

Content Creater- Isabel (social media consultant)