5 Best Tips for Keeping Your Email Inbox Clean

I don’t know about you, but I never used to be good at managing email!

My inbox was a mess. I couldn’t take it anymore! I received thousands of emails last year that I never even opened… which is crazy! I finally decided that email was NOT going to rule my life. So these days I try to keep my inbox at ZERO. It’s not easy, but I’ve developed 5 sure fire techniques that help.

These tips & tricks will keep your email inbox clean & your mind free.

  1. File (or DELETE) Old Email

Don’t delete everything. Archive email & file the important stuff away! That way you’ll easily find the mail if you need it. Here’s a cool Gmail trick for finding old email:

Type “in:inbox before:2015/01/01 ” in the search bar. This will locate email sent before 2015. Use whatever date’s handy! Then click “Select All” to view search results and move the emails to a folder or delete.

  1. Develop Email Routines

The best way to manage email is to have a routine. I’ve wasted lots of time leaving email open on my screen — which creates distractions! I now check email once in the morning, afternoon & late evening. Three times a day! That’s it.

  1. Respond Immediately

I try to immediately deal with any email that needs a response. I don’t even read another email until the open one is taken care of. And this works great! I used to waste so much time re-reading email. It makes no sense.

Read it once & reply. Then be done with it!

  1. Keep it Short

Nobody likes long emails. So keep yours short! Trust me; it saves time on both sides.


  1. Unsubscribe!

Get your life back by unsubscribing from the newsletters you don’t read. You’ve probably subscribed to many email lists over the years & NEVER view the content. A tool like Unroll.me makes it easy to unsubscribe.

Otherwise, unsubscribe manually. Whatever it takes — just UNSUBSCRIBE!

Content Creator : Isabel Woodland (Snobmonkey consultant)