10 SEO tips for publishers

“There is no doubt that being found in the search engines is becoming more and more important for book publishers. Here we list the 10 things you can do to help your website and books get ranked higher with the proper SEO.

1.  Think about the key sections / titles you wish to promote and link to them from the home page. Google places more importance on home page links.

2.  Create unique book descriptions. Try to avoid simply reproducing the description that you send to Nielsen, you have the opportunity here to rank above other online book shops. A slightly lengthier book page will enable you to use more of your most important keywords and phrases, this could improve your rankings for a range of terms.

3.  When developing new non-fiction book concepts think about the title as a search term, so go for the obvious rather than the interesting.

4.  Make sure you add alt tags to all your book covers and other images.

5.  Add customer reviews. These can not only help persuade shoppers to make purchases, they can also be very useful for SEO. Adding them is a good way to ensure that your product pages are filled “with unique content – just what search engines are looking for.

6.  Use “”recommended products”” to link between similar products to increase their relevancy

7.  Get more links to your website. Your press department can help here ensuring that all press releases go out with links in them and that you are actively contacting non traditional press to feature / review your books or just link to your website.

8.  Make sure you keep your website updated as and when you publish new books and new content becomes available.

9. “Try and include some generic interest sections. Spend some time adding additional material that users will be interested in and be more likely to link to. This could be in the simple format of a view inside or could be content that your book currently doesn’t contain, obviously this route will take more time, but will pay dividends for your website. Not only does this mean you may get more links, it can also increase your key word relevancy and thus improve your rankings.

10.  Kick off a Social Media strategy to encourage discussion and links on social networks and user powered forums.”