Travel Evolution

With the rise of digital the way businesses do things has changed. This is true for the vast majority of industries and travel industry is not an exception.

Some might say that travel agencies are the thing of the past considering everything can be booked online directly from the source now – plane tickets, cars, hotels… But who said that travel agencies cannot evolve just as digital technology has?
Travel EvolutionThe industry has been shaken to a large extend so now travel agencies areĀ  competing on a whole new level. Not being online is not an option anymore. Due to the speed of bookings customers can do on their own, without help from external agents, travel agencies needed to enable consumers to get to the desired goal – planned through and booked holiday – even faster. They do that by bringing all the holiday elements accessible from the agency website. The possibilities for travel agents do not end there. As demands and expectations grow, now customers want deeper engagement with the brand through digital communication such as social networks and mobile devices.
Travel Evolution
Most respected travel agencies these days, such as Thomas Cook, STA Travel and Mexl Travel all incorporate these digital elements into their marketing strategy in order to maintain closer relationships with their consumers. How amazing is that? Wherever you go you can contact your agency using mobile Social Media, it can’t really get any more efficient than that. Social Media enabled agencies to not only communicate up-to-date deals and information on travel destination but also provide another channel for real time support for their customers.

Want to give us a call or write to us on Facebook? Would like to stop by the office or book everything through our website? As a travel agent it is your job to make sure customers have access to any service they might want, whenever they want it. As a customer – well, relax, sit back and enjoy your freedom of choice and customised service.

Travel EvolutionContent Creator: Maria Kalagova (Snob Monkey Content Creator)