How social media is changing the way HR professionals hire talent

The usage of social media in the corporate society is increasing day by day. A research carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies analyses the whole process of recruitment structured by HR professionals in various firms. At the same time the research focuses on how different recruiters and employers use social media in hiring the right people and the implications for the workplace.

This is what the actual research said:

Initially the research included 400 different HR professionals from different organisations and a report was deduced, the report analytics are as follows:

1.45 percent of HR decision makers said they use different and relevant social media tools for hiring and the 16 percent said that they are considering to use this enormous social network to hire new talent.

2. Today, social media is used as a traditional tool for recruitment, this clearly tells that social media recruitment is not something that people are not aware of.

3. Companies that do not use social media as their primary tool of hiring justify their reason by saying that they wish to keep the whole process traditional and their concerns over privacy and security.

Organisations are getting more sophisticated about using social media when recruiting new employees. Employers should not be afraid to use these tools, but they need to consider the potential issues. For instance, increasing the use of social media will require employers to think more strategically about their whole recruitment process and the extent to which it is appropriate and relevant to seek information about a potential employee’s life as part of a fair process.

As different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are getting bigger is it has become vital for organisations to integrate their hiring and career processes with different social media networks.

Social media is changing the corporate world in general and specially it’s hiring processes because a massive social network is the place where all the talented lots make themselves available. HR professionals who are reluctant or sluggish in using social media as their ‘one’ of the tools in recruiting are in danger of losing the right and appropriate people for a particular position. As four out of six people use the web for employment, it is cardinal for organisations to pull up their socks and start considering the benefits of social media and how it can affect both the parties.

But at the same time social media is a place where all the blunders are made, organisations must understand the fact that they need to use the correct platforms and techniques for job adverts, for instance an advert on Twitter is very short lived, at the same time LinkedIn and Facebook is the place where all the relevant adverts and job prospects stay for a longer span of time.

Social media is the future of corporate businesses, it has an explicit way of introducing people and, with the right technique, it could be used to create efficient connections that will be a source of benefit for the company and for the employee as well, hence providing social mobility.
Almost 10 years ago having a website for an organisation was a plus factor, but today having a website is the basic necessity but if an organisation does not have a social network, then as Charles Hipps would put it ‘they are not professional enough’.

Content Creator By: Burhan Siddiqui (Snob Monkey Content Creator)