Twitter, Twitter On The Wall – Am I Most Popular Of Them All?

Twitter: 8 signs that you are not doing it right.

8 signs that you are not doing it right###
Failure to use hashtags will make it more difficult for people with common interests to discover and follow your profile. Thought through and relevant hashtags are the key to incremental page promotion.

When mentioning someone in your post (@someone) it is important to note that only people who follow you and them will be able to see it. In order to make the post visible for all your followers, all you need to do is just to add a full stop in the front (.@someone)

What do I believe in?
Follow people relevant to your cause, corporate beliefs and culture. This way, not only will you highlight your values but may also find compelling content for retweeting.

Modern courtesy
It is only considered to be a matter of good tone to follow people who followed you. You don’t want to appear rude, do you?

Too much? Too little?
Another common mistake is failure to find the balanced amount of posts. It is bad for you image to post too little as it will diminish your value and lead to the loss in followers. To post too much will likewise have a negative effect, leading to annoyance among your followers. Try to concentrate on quality instead of quantity.
How often do you see someone posting a link without any explanation to it? How often do you click on such links?
It is very important to add a catchy line to go with your link giving an introduction to what it is about. Explanation also shouldn’t be too general otherwise it is unlikely to stand out and grab the necessary attention.

Promotion vs. communication
The most boring Twitter pages ever are the ones which only post links to their website/blog/youtube channel, without adding any more Twitter specific content. Twitter is not just for promotion, it is for communication. Retweet relevant content from interesting pages you follow, talk to people, engage. Also, always ALWAYS respond to comments particularly to negative ones; ignorance can cost you your followers as well as brand image. Do you want to risk it?

“RT@your name.”
If your post is just up to the word count it will be hard for people to retweet you because many people will not bother by editing the content. To make their life simpler and increase chances of being retweeted always leave a space for them to add RT@your name.

Majorly, it is important to remember that Twitter is not just yet another promotional tool, but can be an important communication channel for establishing and maintaing brand image as well as customer relationships. Neglect, considering interconnectedness of our world, can turn out to be very costly.

8 signs that you are not doing it right

Content Creator ( Maria Kalagova)