Article Links to Google Plus? Are you doing it properly?

Do you just link your article to Google Plus every time you write a blog post?  If so, you are missing a BIG opportunity to showcase your articles.

Article Links to Google PlusWhy? Because images attached to links on Google Plus are small. They are not showcased. They are lost in a stream of great imagery.

I want to show you a simple way to get your content noticed, and join in on the Google Plus image-fest! Because, yes, if you are just posting your image via the link to Google Plus –  Trust me, it’s getting lost in the newsfeed, and there is a better way.

The better way will result in more attention to your post and that, will lead to more traffic to your website.  Which is what we all want, right ?

For a long time, I was posting my links to Google+ just like everyone else. It’s easy from your social media scheduling tool, right?  Just upload the link, post it to Google+…..easy, but not so effective..

You see, the thing is, that Google Plus is HIGHLY visual. It is one of the most image-centric platforms on the web. I mean, even their cover photo is a massive 2120 x 1192 pixels.  And your profile photo a tiny 270 x 270 pixels.

What I want you to take notice of is the news-feed:  In the Google Plus News-feed, linked images are shown with a very small photo and a link description.  If you are linking your articles, you need to re-think your actions – Because the images are soooooo small.

Article Links to Google Plus


With so many people (including me, yes I will admit I was being lazy!) posting links to their articles the easy way, it’s easy to stand out.  In the image left, even the small image stands out against a page full of links.


So what happens when you do it differently and what do you need to do?  Well, instead of just uploading the link, do this:

  1. Go to your G+ account and upload the photo.
  2. Add a great description and put the link IN your description – it’s clickable.
  3. Boom. You have a photo that is soooooo much bigger than the image on your article link would have been.

Article Links to Google Plus

Looking at the picture on the left you can see how one picture looks soo much bigger than the other ones with links.

Clickable link, but one stands out a LOT more on the G+ newsfeed.It doesn’t take much to upload an image.

It’s that easy.  Upload an image, add the link in your description, and you too can make a splash.As you can see, a whole bunch of image sizes work on G+.  Heck, anything is better than a teeny tiny article link photo, right?

Now, head on over to your newsfeed and take a look at “All” the newsfeed and see what you see….do the big photos stand out? yes, they do.

It’s time to get your photos to be noticeable and to join the people who are doing it right.

P.s Size does matter 😉