How to Use Pinterest to Highlight Your Company

How to Use Pinterest to Highlight Your Company. Sometimes companies appear to be all about business – an all work, no play scenario. By now, most people know that customer engagement is a key factor in customer retention, and not allowing your company’s personality to show can be detrimental to its success.

Showing off the heart of the company is simple – document the “less corporate” things by putting them on Pinterest. Here are three ways to use Pinterest to showcase your company’s personality and heart:

Pin Pictures of Employees Serving the Community

If your company has at least a few employees, it is likely that one of them does some volunteer work. Find out how your employees like helping the community, and ask to take photos of them in action.

Display the Office Life

If your employees are happy, and have a sense of humour, showing off the “office” life will be easy. No, these are not photos of your employees sitting at their desks while typing away at a computer. These are pictures of your employees bringing in a birthday cake for the intern, or engaging with others at events. Even simpler, but just as important, moments can show off how fantastic your employees are, such as a group photo at the end of the day on a Friday.

The best part about this is that you can use your imagination! Pin anything that shows that you and your employees are real human beings and have a personality

Have Fun Boards Too

When companies only pin pictures of their products, they’re page looks boring. Avoid this by showing off your entertaining and funny side!

A fun board has pins that showcase humour related to your company and industry. Several examples are on snobmonkey Facebook page.

Share Your Goods

It is always good to have separate boards with specific titles, but you also have to continually pin to the boards – don’t pin 10 photos at one time and then forget about it! Also, remember to not be too serious.Your Pinterest page should showcase you, and your employees, as hard-working, community helpers with great personalities. Lastly, share your pins on other social media networks as well! This creates consistency among all of your company’s profiles.