How To Manage Your Facebook Fans

facebookfansSetting up Facebook groups and public profile pages is easy. However, managing them is the real challenge.

Some companies/individuals will set up their groups/pages, get people to join them and then just neglect them. This is not how you do social media marketing. The key to social media marketing is engagement. So what can you do to keep your fans coming back to you?

1. Sharing is Caring

Share useful information and tips related to your market. Be helpful; perhaps give away free information, which extends your products/services. Also, include the photo and video applications, which will let your fans see who you are, what you workplace looks like or hear you present a seminar.

2. Status Updates

Update your status regularly. I would recommend at least daily. Give your fans updates on what you or your company are doing. What projects are you currently working on? Perhaps, offer your fans special offers. Also ask your fans questions to get them to interact with you. Ask them if they need any assistance with anything. When you post status updates, your fans will see them when they log in on their home page. This aids with creating an awareness by keeping you or your company/product names in front of them.

3. Engage in Discussions

Always make your fans feel part of your company. Ask them questions; create topics for your fans to give you feedback on your products/services. You will only truly know what your market are hungry for when you listen to them. Perhaps there is a need for something, which you aren’t aware of. Listen to your fans. Also, encourage them to think by asking them questions that will make them do so. Ask for their input on upcoming products/services, which you have in development. Fans become more loyal when they know you’re listening and interacting with them.

4. Notes are Useful

The benefit on using Notes on Facebook is, if you have a blog, you can link the RSS feed to your Facebook page, which will automatically post new articles when you post them. This can be very handy as when new articles reach your fans on Facebook, you have the ability to open a discussion around the article with your fans. This a good way of extending your blog posts.

5. Let Your Fans Write On Your Wall Too

It’s important to set your wall to include posts from you and your fans as this will encourage interactions between you and your fans as well as between the fans themselves. If anyone does post anything inappropriate, you can always remove their message.

Finally, Just Have Fun!

Make your page/group fun and interactive. Take part in discussions, run competition’s and keep your fans happy and enthusiastic about you and your products/services.