10 Ways To Attract Facebook Traffic To Your Blog!

sn_fcFacebook is the most popular social networking site with over a 1 billion users. Not only is it a great tool to connect with friends, family, colleagues and more across the world, but it’s also a great tool to Attract Facebook Traffic To Your Blog.

here have been many other social networks before Facebook and while some of them were popular at some point in time, none could reach the popularity of Facebook. In addition to keeping in touch with your friends, Facebook can be (and is) used for business.

Driving traffic to your website is the key in having a successful blog site. Blogs help to build your internet presence. You can use a blog to promote your business and if you want to use your business blog for better returns, you should know how to drive traffic to your blog.

Facebook attracts BILLIONS of visitors every single month.  It’s a goldmine as well as an online social gathering.  Create a Facebook page and then share your posts on that page, you can also share your blog post on your Facebook profile.

1.Your Profile Must Be Interesting:

As with any other social network, you have to have an interesting profile or it will be very hard for you to stand out.  Give enough background information about you and make your profile public so that all people even those who don’t know you will get to see it when they encounter it and may become interested in what you have to offer.  Consider your goals for your Facebook profile.  If you want to use it as a tool to establish yourself as an expert in your field and attract Facebook Traffic To Your Blog, then you need to make sure your profile includes the information to support your expertise.  Be careful about the types of photos, videos, and personal interests you include in your profile though.  To use Facebook as a tool to drive traffic to your blog, you’ll need to make a lot of Facebook friends.

2. Build Your Network And Make Friends:

As with other social networking sites, your network is your major capital. That is why you need to invite your friends, acquaintances, and partners and ask them to join as your supporters. You should also search for people with interests similar to yours. However, don’t be pushy and don’t spam because this is not the way to convince people to join your network.   You don’t need to know a person before you request to be their friend on Facebook.  The worst that can happen is that they decline or ignore your request, and the best that can happen is that they become a part of your Facebook network.  You can also find people to friend by looking through the friends of people you’re already friends with and looking through Facebook groups and pages to find people with similar interests to your own.  When you find people who match your criteria and might be interested in your blog content, go ahead and send them a friend request.

Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 3:  Be Natural And Post Regularly:

Try to live-post and don’t use the auto-publishing feature. This is a lost opportunity to use some of Facebook’s beneficial features such as images and videos. Use Facebook to show off your business’ personality by posting photos, asking discussion questions, and encouraging comments.  Because, no matter how interesting the stuff in your Facebook profile is, if you don’t publish new content regularly, the traffic to your Facebook profile, and respectively the Facebook traffic to your site, will slow down. If you can post daily, it is fine but even if you don’t post that regularly, try to do it as frequently as you can. If nothing else, updating your status regularly is better than nothing, so do it.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 4:  Be Active:

A great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly are just a part of the recipe for success on Facebook. Do not disappear after that. In order for your Facebook efforts to drive traffic to your blog, you need to actively update your status, share great content, join conversations, and engage with other people. By building relationships and engaging your Facebook fans and friends, you can indirectly grow your blog’s audience, too. You also need to visit the profiles of your friends, take part in their groups and other initiatives, visit their sites. You may find that all this takes a lot of time and you might soon discover that Facebooking is a full-time occupation but if you notice an increase in traffic to your site, then all this is worth the time and effort.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your BlogTip # 5:Create A Facebook Fan Page:

The Facebook fan page feature is a great way to network with the Facebook audience. You can become a fan of existing Facebook pages (just search for ones related to your blog and then join the conversation), and you can create your own.  You want to brand YOU, so go ahead and create a Facebook page preferably using your name as the name for your Fan Page. Then be sure to feed your blog’s content into your Facebook page status updates and continually add interesting information to it to keep the conversation going.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 6: Promote Your Facebook Page Link:

Include your Facebook Page link in your blog’s side-bar, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of, to encourage more people to find you and send you a Facebook friend request and become a fan.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 7:Join Groups Or Create Your Own Group:

Search for groups related to your blog’s topic, and then join those groups and get active in the conversations going on in those groups.  If you can’t find just the right Facebook group to support your efforts to drive traffic to your blog, create one.  Start a group about something related to your business and invite people to join it. The advantage of this approach is that you are getting targeted users – i.e. people, who are interested in you, your product, your ideas, etc. You can send out group invitations to all of your Facebook friends.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 8: Use Facebook Ads:

If you can’t get traffic the natural way, you might consider using Facebook Ads. These are PPC ads or In-Page promoted posts. Facebook ads are fairly inexpensive, can be targeted, and can raise awareness of your blog, your Facebook page, or anything else you want to advertise.

  • Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 9: Build Relationships And Reciprocate:

It’s one thing to make friends on Facebook but it’s another thing entirely to build relationships with them. Don’t just spend all of your Facebook time updating your own profile and sharing your own content. Instead, spend the majority of your Facebook time commenting on other people’s statuses and conversations, sharing other people’s great content, responding to direct messages, and so on.

  •   Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog Tip # 10: Be Human:
    Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

Facebook has a very personal edge to it. Unlike LinkedIn, which leans more towards a business edge, Facebook users expect members to be human, not promotional. With that in mind, mix your status updates and content between promotional information and entertaining, personal updates (just don’t get too personal, remember how many people can see your Facebook updates).

When it comes to success through Facebook, selflessness goes a long way. If you have some friends or fans on Facebook who are trying to spread the word about a good cause, share it for them. This will pay dividends as they will do the same to your content.  Help them first and they will help you in return.