5 Awesome, Non-boring Tips to Viral Success

We are all aware of people and events going viral over night. We are aware of videos on YouTube getting millions of hits in matter of weeks. (Call me maybe?). And while we are staring in disbelief of their online success there are lessons to be learned from them. What do these videos have in common, and how can that help your online strategy? Here are 5 awesome non-boring tips to viral success that you might find useful.

Be funny and sweet. If you can, be both

The whatshername that sings “Call me maybe” is awfully sweet. She is the ultimate girl next door. The guy that sings “Gangsam style” is just too funny.

The lesson here is that Social Media doesn’t have to be serious and traditional. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Be funny and entertaining in your communication with customers. Make jokes about your business and field you are working on. Clients will appreciate it.

Give your brand some personality

Here the important thing that you need to keep an eye on is brand consistency. People like a brand they can relate to. They like a brand that has personality. If “funny” is the message you are trying to communicate stay funny all the time. Of course there will be times when you have to promote a product to make a sale, but just remember to live the personality you want to give to your brand. If your current social media manager can’t do it, hire somebody else.

Do what you do best

If you are trying to copy or “improve” every idea you see succeeding on the internet you will not get anything done. You have to stick to what you know and what you do best. There are way too many people who get easily impressed, and try to follow the next best thing, not realizing that they know nothing about that subject. I bet you didn’t know but the guy who sings “Gangam style” has been a musician for 12 years.

Share everything

You never know which one of your ideas are going to become a success. Of course, there will be times when you you feel like you have a really good idea, and you don’t get the response you need when you publish it. But that is the trick with public opinion. There are definitely going to be some surprises along the way.

Get help from infuencers

These are the people that pretty much form the public opinion about a certain subject. If you have them on your side, you are on the right path. You have to connect with some influencers who know the market, and have many connections. These days influencers may not make the world go round, but they will certainly make your campaign more successful.

If you have any additional tips, feel free to comment