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How has Digitial Media effected Readers?

Feb 23

As we live in a digital age, it is easier for readers to share their hobbies. This is no different for readers who can use different digital media to do this. With the usage of digital and social media, these help book lovers communicate with fellow book lovers.  

Social Media for Readers:

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Importance of Spelling and Grammar when Writing a Blog

Feb 07

Writing a blog post can be a hard task for anyone. After thinking of the content you need to have a look at the way you have written it; if it has the right grammar for your audience to understand and has no spelling errors.  


Spelling By having correct spelling within a blog post, that is seen

Where Would Video Editing Take Your Company?

Jan 24

Video Good question, where would video production take your company? Blending visual media and sounds is an effective way to promote a business, if it’s done right. Videos are becoming more popular by the day. If video editing is done well and to the right audience, the audience will be left feeling an emotional connection to your product or brand. Professional

Importance of Logo and Branding Design

Jan 12

A lot of starting up business’ forget about the importance of the logo and branding of the company they want to start.

Logo and Colour

A logo is one of the main parts of your branding process. Two main components of the logo process are thinking about the shape and the colour of your logo. Once you have the basic shape of the logo, then you need to think of what colour you

Battling Social Media Trolls

Dec 28

Although social media is growing as a platform, online platforms are affected more than ever by trolls looking to just be an annoyance and cause emotional grief. While we think trolls are a problem for individuals… brands are progressively being targeted by them too. Some methods of brand trolling can be inoffensive and amusing, but there are also more spiteful attacks, which if not dealt with properly, can possibly harm an entire brand. Our Snob Monkey

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