5 Best E-mail campaign services to use

5 Best E-mail campaign services to use

Oct 19
What is an E-mail campaign? An E-mail campaign is a set of individual email messages that are sent out across a specific period of time with one (or more) intended purpose. What positives it brings to your business? Email campaigns are very popular within businesses and used frequently, there is a big reason for this. One positive it brings is that it increases brand awareness, whether the recipient is interested in the email or not,

6 steps for more Instagram followers

Oct 12
With more than 500 million Instagram users worldwide. Instagram is a handy marketing tool for lifestyle brands and companies who want to tell a visual story. Most companies have difficulties with attracting followers on Instagram to increase their reach and their brand recognition. Does that also count for you? No worries: in this article, you will discover 6 handy tips to get more followers on Instagram. Let’s start! 1. Complete your Instagram business profile The

Top tips on how to post in festive times

Oct 06
Christmas time or festive times, often regarded as the happiest time in the calender year. Positivity flowing through everything and everyone both in real life and social media which for a business, its the perfect time to really get your self out there and bank on the happiness. These tips given below can be used for all sorts of business' so this will definately intrest you. Tip 1 : Use the correct hashtags # Like

Tips for running polls on Social Media platforms!

Oct 02
The perfect place to read about the latest news and catch up with friends is, of course, Social media and a handy feedback tool for eLearning professionals. Gaining insights into what an audience is thinking, feeling, and hearing are important to any brand or organization. Polls can help gain insights into product perceptions, brand awareness and inspire blog content, campaigns, and even more! But how do you create targeted poll questions to get the online learners' honest opinions? Here

How important are Analytics to your business

Sep 29
Questions are often answered with more questions, as it is in this case, because the question is how important are Analytics to your business.. The response is do you know what Analytics truly are? Analytics is what your business would use to view the amount of clicks,views and interactions it has. How would it benefit your business? It would benefit your business by providing you time saving information such as, peak times for clicks which

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