How does customer service help your business?

Nov 15
Social media sites have been growing to become more than appearing platforms for marketing and advertising. More and more, they are also valid and important channels through which consumers require and receive customers service. According to the Sprout Social Index, 90 percent of surveyed consumers have used social media in some way to communicate with a brand.   Trust Nowadays, people stay loyal to a company with their own good reason. Otherwise, there is plenty

What kind of content/visuals do you need to post?

Nov 09
Visual content that is attractive and offers value will easily attract, make interactions, sell and can take companies to the top. Content built upon text is always going to be necessary for marketing and without a problem it should be a basic base in the strategies for social networks. Also, visual content adds a personality to a company’s brand and that will help them get away from their competitors. Images Images are the ultimate visual content.

What social platform is best for your industry?

Oct 26
It depends on what kind of category your business is. Not every category is suited for a certain social platform. I used law-firm, fashion-retail and restaurants as an example to make it clearer.       Law-Firm LinkedIn has always been the go-to social platform for business professionals of any kind. But lawyers have noticed the benefits of other social media and are starting to try other social platforms. According to MyCase, 73% of lawyers
5 Best E-mail campaign services to use

5 Best E-mail campaign services to use

Oct 19
What is an E-mail campaign? An E-mail campaign is a set of individual email messages that are sent out across a specific period of time with one (or more) intended purpose. What positives it brings to your business? Email campaigns are very popular within businesses and used frequently, there is a big reason for this. One positive it brings is that it increases brand awareness, whether the recipient is interested in the email or not,

6 steps for more Instagram followers

Oct 12
With more than 500 million Instagram users worldwide. Instagram is a handy marketing tool for lifestyle brands and companies who want to tell a visual story. Most companies have difficulties with attracting followers on Instagram to increase their reach and their brand recognition. Does that also count for you? No worries: in this article, you will discover 6 handy tips to get more followers on Instagram. Let’s start! 1. Complete your Instagram business profile The

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